In the area of ​​professional consulting and training we have taught various training courses in the fields of Communication and the Law to national institutions or coming from the CPLP markets companies. Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Delta Cafés, the Banco de Moçambique, Electricidade de Moçambique, SOGESTER , the Instituto de Fomento Externo or the Banco Poupança e Crédito are some of the entities that rely on us for professional training of its employees.


As part of television production, our programmes have been distributed across several platforms. Some are available for online viewing. Enjoy!


Between 1807 and 1814, Portugal suffered the consequences of imperial appetite of Napoleon. Invaded three times without invading armies succeeded a definite occupation, supported by British troops, gave no truce, creating conditions for the begining of the  Napoleonic debacle that culminated in Waterloo in June 1815 .

UMA NAÇÃO EM ARMAS was aired by RTP.


Portugal was the first country in the world to abolish the death penalty .

Since then a long way has been traveled to abolish a penalty that, when applied , is not reversible. We have the testimony of an ex-con that was based on the error and that only successive actions allowed him to ascertain the truth and make it back to life .

O ÚLTIMO CONDENADO was distributed by The History Channel.


Tiago Monteiro was born in Porto on 24 July 1976. His great passion for engines take him to the slopes and to discuss the podium places in each race of the WTCC or Formula 1 .

TIAGO MONTEIRO was distributed by BIO .

O ÚLTIMO DIA DA REVOLUÇÃO is a historical documentary that addresses the tense relations between the various protagonists of the April Revolution , during the Hot Summer 1975 .

Distributed by The History Channel .


PLAYLIST it's a series of six episodes about the most mediatic portuguese groups or singers of today's Portuguese culture.

Distributed by BIO.

BÁRBARA GUIMARÃES,  one of the Portuguese  television stars. A  true Biopic about this personality of entertainment and culture.

Distributed by BIO.


After 14 years of war in Africa, how do feel the families of soldiers killed during their mobilization ? How was the behavior of the Portuguese State to those who sacrificed so far from their homeland ?

14 ANOS, TANTAS VIDAS was aired by The History Channel


A through Z a dictionary on the April Revolution.

26 short episodes , which help us to understand many of the events between April 74 and June 76 .



In the centenary of the Republic, one  documentary series about all the Presidents of Portugal .

In five episodes, hearing family and based on numerous documents, a profile  of those who have represented the highest judiciary of the Portuguese State .

OS PRESIDENTES were aired by RTP.

RUI VELOSO in the early 80 proves that it is possible to sing rock in Portuguese .

Inspired by BB King who acts twice in the coliseums of Lisbon and Porto. Close to completing 30 years of career, justified a tribute to one of the Portuguese composers that most marked his generation and the next.

Distributed by BIO .


A young actor that ripps borders and builds very strong characters.

DIOGO MORGADO is performing each character in a unique way, that will lead him to the interpretation of increasingly demanding roles.

Distributed by BIO.


From the Revolution of 5 October 1910 much is said, but almost always in the role of men (leaders, thinkers, politicians ), in short, always in the masculine. But the country has a saying, "Behind every great man is a great woman" and this applies in the dream of a better Portugal with the Republic . Women also dream about it !

AS REPUBLICANAS was distributed by The History Channel .


At the begining NATO was a vague and imprecise organization, a meeting point of various projects and intentions.

The countries of the Brussels Treaty waiting especially benefit from US military aid. Portugal takes part in preparatory meetings with some difficulties, once it is not clear who is responsible for internal NATO matters.

PRTUGAL E A NATO, UMA QUESTÃO DE CONFIANÇA was distributed by The History Channel .



As a boy, he wanted to be a police and drive a red Volkswagen with a black hood. Life changed his dreams . He became an international mannequin, and one of the first to be successful in the representation . At age of 40, Paul Pires is the star in a documentary distributed by BIO.

A year after being awarded for Best Actor for his role as "Norman" in the play "The Chamberlain" VIRGÍLIO CASTELO is the protagonist of a  documentary dedicated to one of the most cherished actors by the Portuguese, with a full career of notable and highly recognized works.

Distributed by BIO.



Portugal lived the longest dictatorship in the history of Western Europe.

With impressive images and statements gathered from victims of political police, CRIME CONTINUADO" is a hymn to freedom, consisting of two episodes that portray the political, social and economic context resultED from the troubled postwar period.

Distributed by The History Channel.


The life of Catarina Furtado is revised from childhood to adulthood, through the challenges that marked his adolescence, including his career .

Catarina presented the programs 'TopMais" and "Star Rain", becoming a face of Carnaxide station SIC . Later it was the face of "The Treasure Hunt".





Making use of various sources of research, we provide a profile of 35th King of Portugal , whose fate was changed by the vicissitudes of history.

DOM MANUEL II , O REI TRAÍDO, was distributed by The History Channel.


A series of 12 programs entitled "PROTAGONISTAS", about 12 Portuguese. They are young and with a career that even short , is guided by success. Soraia Chaves, Nélson Évora, Luciana Abreu, José Luís Peixoto, Naíde Gomes, Telmo Moreira, Margarida Vila-Nova, Tiago Pires, Ana Moura, Vasco Uva, Vanessa Fernandes e os irmãos Guedes.

PROTAGONISTAS  was aired by BIO.

The most international portuguese style creator is portraited in this documentary by testimonials from editors and international fashion photographers. This biography gives special attention to the main stages of Fatima Lopes's life, such as diamond bikini parade, the creation of the first jewelry for a Belgian multinational, and the award given by former president Jorge Sampaio .

Distributed by BIO.


In the year that we celebrate the 50th anniversary of his death, a documentary about Professor Egas Moniz, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1949.

A man of strength, who finished his studies alone, without family, but never discouraged by this ... A man of strong convictions, endowed with a great sense of justice, in political life and in the work that presented to the Constituent Assembly of 1911.

Distributed on The History Channel and RTP.

On the afternoon of August 14, 1385 , the Franco - Spanish army is prepared, without knowing it, to be slaughtered by the Portuguese army parked on the plateau of St. George.

The Battle of Aljubarrota, resolves the crisis of 1383-85, leading to crown a military nature of nobility and marks the beginning of the Age of Discovery .



At dawn on April 9, 1918, in the plain of the River Lys, Flanders, The Portuguese Expeditionary Corps of 20,000 men, is violently attacked by eight German divisions.

Within hours the CEP suffered more than 7,000 casualties, but allowed the reorganization of the Allies to their rear and prevented the devastating advance of Axis troops during the offensive of Spring.


Mozambique, June 1970. The Portuguese Army under the command of General Kaúlza de Arriaga, launched the largest military operation ever carried out on the front lines of the Colonial War. Eight thousand men, involving the three branches of the Armed Forces, hijack the Plateau of Makonde, in Cabo Delgado province, northern Mozambique.

Forty-six years later, OPERAÇÃO NÓ GÓRDIO, continues to be seen as a controversial decision, as evidenced by researchers and fighters who participated directly in the operation.




In the 40th year career, an unforgettable show in the main hall of Lisbon shows: The Colosseum .

Aired on RTP, competitor to Rose d'Or Festival of Montreaux,  distributed on DVD by Univeral Music.


FADO MAESTRO is a unique Carlos do Carmo and includes a biographical documentary O FADO DE UMA VIDA.

Aired on RTP and distributed by Universal Music.



Under the visor of the Portugal Pavilion at the Nations Park, AML has undertaken a motion show, light and sound, which was recorded by Brave Ant, Multimedia .


Under the visor of the Portugal Pavilion at the Nations Park, AML has undertaken a motion show, light and sound , which was recorded by Brave Ant, Multimedia .